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Our Services

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We Help You in Manpower and Staff Recruitment

Jack 4 Jobs believe that energetic manpower plays vital role in business growth. So we recruit efficient, skilled, trained manpower and professional staff  keeping in view your demand and description.

Our role is central in hiring process from doing shortlist to assessment of the candidates. We benefit to both the employer and the employee in hiring process and provide skillful recruitment and exact job placement and the best HR support services. So that you may save your time, money and resources and may remains hassle free, because we act as an agency in manpower and staff recruitment.

Job Placement
HR Support

We Offer to HR Department of your Company

    • Tailor-made services to support HR department .
    • Readily available database of the job seekers 
    • Support in hiring and recruitment process
    • Maintain digital and electronic records of employees.
    • Trainings and Orientations 
    • Best practice to keep up-to-date with the latest HR trends.
recruitment services

It is very much important to orient the new comers about the company policies, rules and regulations and to inform them about the things to do or not to do. We brief them about general policies, discipline policy, safety induction, documents and report confidential policy.

We Turn Job Demands Into Human Resources