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Modern evolution, designing and erection all are because of Engineering, that has introduced various scientific applications to the world and the development of these applications, is called technology. Factories, Industries, Plants, Machines, manufacturers and enterprise have been running up their productions by using modern technology. This outcome requires many skilled artisans, Machine Shop Operators, Plan Operators, CNC and Automotive Technicians and setters and mill right technicians. 

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Jack 4 Jobs get so many applications from the sound technicians of prospected Industrial areas of the world.

CNC Machine Operators

(Lathe, Milling, Grinding, Cutting and Press Machines)

General Machinist

(Manual Operator of Lathe, Milling, grinding, cutting, molding machines)

Mechanical Plants and Machines Operators 

(with Diploma/ITI in Mechanical)

Chemical Plans Operators

(Pre-Cast, Cement, other chemical plants operators)


(Mig, Tig, argon welder to work on 4G, 5G, 6G welding)


(Steel Fabricators and Aluminums Fabricators)

Rig Operators/Setters
Heavy Machinery Operators

(Tower Crane, Mobile Crane, Excavator, Forklift etc)

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