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MEP Technicians

MEP Technicians

We Technically select Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing – MEPs

Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing – MEP these three technical disciplines involve the systems that design the structure of any building suitable for human living. Owing to complex Installation of MEP system, this job always demands good technicians to perform Technically. We have certified and experienced MEP technicians, who are trained in applying specific codes and standard measures set by the authorities.

Our selected Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing – MEPs can do the installations of the latest system with accuracy and speed.

Mechanical,Electrical, Plumbing -MEP

 Jack 4 Jobs always follow its motto phrase “a jack of all trades” it means we work on collecting applicants of multi-skills who are able to do multi tasking jobs for the companies.

MEP Technicians
Mechanical – HVAC Technician

(Chilled water system, GI & PI Duct fitters, Cooling Towers Installations)

Plumbing system Technicians

(PPR, PVC –Plumbers, Pump room Operator and Maintenance Tech, Hot & Cold water, Kitchens and Laundry system Installation)

Firefighting Technicians

(GI-Pipefitters, Fire Alarm detectors, and sprinkles)

Parking Ventilation System Technicians
Electrical Technicians

(Building and Industrial Electricians)

Maintenance Technicians

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